Monday, June 29, 2015

Baby Be Born Baby is 1 Year old!

Wow, has this past year flown by it seems! Briggs has been such an easy going baby, happy, never gets too worked up about anything...which made having 2 under 2 yrs actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be! I was seriously scared about not being able to handle it.  

 Being my second baby, (and my last) I have reveled in his babyness...soaking it all in, moment to moment.... Totally eating it up, and ultimately making it harder to let it go. 
(Frozen Break)

 I didn't do this with my first, Callan, I was so excited to see his progression and what new things he had in store for us.  Its all still very exciting, as they are starting to play and interact with each other more and more....I am truly blessed....and truly exhausted, and truly done having kids. I have thought about surrogacy, and helping out another family, but that will be a decision in the future.  Right now my hands are full....but so is my heart! 

Ya'll take care.

Love, Kellie

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

To the friend of a pregnant woman...

Normally I write to the preggies themselves, 

but today I wanted to talk to YOU, the friend of a preggie!

The topic I want to shed some light on is "Due Dates".

The #1 question a woman is asked for the entirety of  9 months is "When are you due?"...multiple times a day...from friends, loved ones, neighbors, every 3rd person they see at a grocery store, the bank teller, someone's pet parrot-->

And then those same people ask AGAIN, towards the end of the pregnancy - they cant seem to remember, which is understandable...they aren't the one having the baby....but the pregnant woman remembers...and in her head she's saying "Really? I have to tell you AGAIN! UGHHH"

After a while a due date can start to feel like a deadline.

Deadlines = pressure

pressure = unhappy/stressed preggie

For the friend of a pregnant woman who has chosen to trust Gods timing, and has decided not to induce (unless medically necessary), this post is even more important for you to read. Waiting is not necessarily an easy task in this day and age. She is relying on you to support her, lift her up and encourage her.

2 ways you can help her & encourage her:
1. Literally tell her you are proud of her and that she can do it!

2. Don't make too big a deal of the due date....
Its only an estimate.

There are so many factors, it can be off by weeks even!

I have a sweet little 6 month old now, but I remember very vividly that physically and
mentally those last few weeks of pregnancy are brutal.

The last thing a pregnant woman needs is constant check ups, via text, social media or through relatives..

"No baby yet?"

"when are you going to induce?"

Don't be that person.
 (I dont care how good of friends you are)

As the March of Dimes says "Healthy Babies are worth the wait!"

The brain, heart, lungs, and immune system all mature at different rates — and some may need a little more time than others.

Courtesy of March of Dimes

So be a good friend to the Mama to be..

And Mama's, it is very hard to do at the end, but sit tight
and know your baby will come will its ready! YOU CAN DO IT!

****If you start to worry, there are options to make sure your baby is fine.  Talk to your Doctor or Midwife, I know some suggest an ultrasound to make sure all is well.

Mama's feel free to comment on how you feel about this,
 and if I've left off anything!

Friday, December 12, 2014

10 things from 100 Births

From Kellie: I came across this and I was fascinated! Her website has all kinds of great info and an AWESOME month to month reading guide!!!!Check it out!

"Ten Things I've Learned From 100 Births" by Jill Christianson

I attended my 100th birth in May. I have learned something at every birth, but here are the big lessons I've come away with so far:
  1. Women are strong. There's "36-hour (or 72-hour) natural childbirth" strong; "coming to terms with getting an epidural even though you really, really didn't want one" strong; "recovering from a c-section while caring for a newborn" strong; "hanging on through a fast and furious labor that squeezed all of the intensity of a 12-hour birth into 2 hours" strong; and "experiencing the loss of your baby and surviving" strong. I come away from every birth with a new appreciation for mothers' strength, determination, and love for their babies.
  2. First labors are long, second labors are short, and third labors are unpredictable.
  3. A good care provider is worth her weight in gold.
  4. Because of hospital protocols, I've seen........ 
Read the rest on her blog here